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Journey Thru The Haze

Though not seeing, yet by faith fulfilling the Will of God
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Discovering my purpose daily, as I by faith take the journey God created me for.

Regardless of where you are in life, you are on a journey to discover why you exist. As human beings, we each have a insatiable desire to understand our purpose and how to discover it. I invite you to join me on my journey by bike through various countries as God unviels who I am more and more to me. You’ll also meet others who are taking their Journey Thru the Haze.

William’s Personal Blog

Examine Yourself

There is no more a dark deception than when one has deceived themselves into believing they are a Christian and to be told by Jesus on the day of judgment that He never knew you.
In writing to the church at Corinth, how much more straightforward can Paul be when he told them to examine themselves to ensure they are even saved!

Don’t let anyone have dominion over your Faith!

It’s about your personal faith that is between you and God. Let no one have dominion over it.

Don’t live after the temporal, but after the eternal

Living after the temporal does not satisfy. Only the eternal things you do for God will endure for ever.

Your Valley of the Shadow of Death

We each have a valley of the shadow of death that we have been called to endure. In this blog, I share what I am learning as I go through mine at this time in my life. I pray you glean from it – for yours.

What is Journey Thru the Haze?

None of us can see perfectly what is before us. Nor do we understand the depths of mystery surrounding our existence. It is only thru faith that we take the journey with God believing that HE made us with and for purpose. Each day, we take the Journey thru the Haze all by faith.

Interviews | Experiences | Truth

Share my moments with people, their culture and interviews with people who are on the Journey Thru the Haze.

Video Interviews

William and Galuh

William and Galuh

After riding about an hour through a beautiful park, I pulled over for a bowl of noodles. Not too long after that, Galua and his wife arrived and ordered noodles as well. We struck up a conversation, and what transpired was nothing short of letting us both know that this was a conversation ordained by God. You’ll enjoy the video’s opening with a bike ride and me having an experience with a parrot!

Audio Interviews

Discovering Who You Are with Regina

Discovering Who You Are with Regina

Regina and her boyfriend met at a small neighborhood in Bangdum, Indonesia. She spoke great english and we had a great conversation about discovering who you are. I read to her my poem, “Authenticity”. Check out her reaction.

The People I meet

Sony hosted me in his home for three days during my time in Jakarta, Indonesia. I actually celebrated my 59th birthday with him and his wife on May 30! She cooked me a wonderful dinner. Sonny cycles every other day about 25 miles and the the days in between that he runs about 15 miles! He’s a member on We shared a moment in discussing taking our journey thru the haze. I also shared with him how I came to give my heart to Jesus. Look for the interview.


Either audio or video. Enjoy the conversations that God graces me to have with people. Nothing is off the table as we explore the heart, journey, God, life, death, hope, pain and all the things that come with life.

He believes everyone is an artist. I told him he has a gift.

Has a masters in baking. Runs his business from home.

In search of healing from depression. They open up.
Yosemite, CA

Just listen and obey

When you draw near to the Lord and He draws near to you, it is just natural for you to hear His voice. When you do, obey Him. His heart yearns for willing vessels to share His love and power.

Songs and Poetry

I’m grateful for the expression of love, hope, joy and even pain that God has given me to express through song and poetry. I pray your heart is strengthen by these moments of which I share with you.

Sometime you just got to COOK!

I love serving people and one of the ways I connect is to cook for them. That’s where my fried chicken comes in and people seem to really like it. I’ve been doing it for years and have collected a lot of reactions on my GoPro as well as cooking it in the kitchen. This section will be live for a while after that you’ll need to become a member to access it. So enjoy!

My Fried Chicken at Gino’s

My secret receipt fried chicken cooked for Gino and friends in Bandung, Indonesia.