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We all have a valley of the shadow of death. In this blog, I share with you what I am learning through mine.

The Valley of the Shadow of death in the Psalms is a story of King David’s trial. Until you have your own, it remains just a story of another person’s experience.

It wasn’t just a valley of natural trouble or issues. It was a valley of shadows that all pointed to death. Death is death.

Death of finances
Death of relationships
Death of community
Death of friendships
Death of family members
Just death period in areas that are most closes to your life

The valley vividly reveals who you are and whom you put your only trust. This valley doesn’t just show up, you have to be taken to it by God Himself, and then you have to walk through it to discover and be discovered. The valley is the gateway to a higher purpose that God is calling you to. You must go through an initiation that determines if you believe, love, and trust Him.

In this valley of the shadow of death, you will confront the things irrelevant to your life. If you endure, these things will die, and new things that God has purposed for you will begin to come alive. You come to a place of acceptance of what you have been in denial or what has hindered your transition to a higher place of purpose. In the valley, you will see others for who they are and why they are with you, especially if they are for you -but more for God’s purpose in your life. They see you beyond you because God has given them a sight to do so. If they are not given this sight, they will never see you as God does and will resist the person God has called you to be. They will savor the things of men and will tempt you to do also. Religion will be their weapon, and humanism will be their platform. In the valley, you must choose to love them or God, for you cannot love God and mammon.

The valley of death is no respecter of persons. It is a place only discovered by divine invitation. It is Jesus being led in the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. It is Peter being led to a cross to die, choosing to be crucified upside down for he wasn’t worthy to die as His Lord. It is Paul giving up his head to be severed from his body with joy – for to Him to die was gain. The apostles and many believers lay down their lives for their faith in WHO they came to know as LORD.

All who name the name of Christ must endure their valley. They then must choose. It is the cross each must bare who will walk the streets of gold throughout eternity. It is the sufferings of Christ that have been left for us also to experience.

It is a sacred valley indeed.

It is a valley that lasts no longer than a vapor, and that which is to be revealed on that glorious day will make all such sufferings as passing waters and be proven a light thing to have endured.

The valley is not to be feared, for HE is with you. He will comfort you, protect you, and lead you. It is the sole reason you are there – to experience Him for yourself and know He alone is your exceeding and great reward.

Embrace your valley, for you have been chosen to reign with Jesus and the Father throughout all eternity.


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